Island City of Key West, Florida

Island City of Florida

The Island City of Key West is a paradise, usually defined using the words “eccentric” and “edge.” This is a part of the American state of Florida, located on the edge of the frontier and only the most eccentric and adventurous of the people venture out into this strangely splendid land.

This island is a perfect spot for a vacation or to immerse your soul in breathtaking views. On one side, you will see literary festivals and gorgeous Caribbean villas, the expensive restaurants, high end Key West fishing charters and glorious art galleries. While on the other side, you’ll get to witness the frat boys and sorority girls hanging out together and t-shirts sporting “I Love to Fart” quotes! The tropical island nevertheless, is a fabulous place to explore during the days and nights. If you are looking for someone guidance about traveling, visit this website for more details.


The island has fabulous resorts and lofty hotels along with cozy one room apartments for the tourists who travel from around the world. The sleepers won’t have any issues regarding accommodations here and the facilities are cheap as well. All the hotels and resorts are at walking distance from the life and activity of the Key West Island thus transportation is not a problem either. The bonus point is that there are plenty of gay friendly accommodations too.


Without restaurants no travel destination is complete. Local cuisines help in understanding their traditional foods and their favorite ingredients and these combinations of flavors give rise to the image of a particular location’s natives. For a taste of the delicious Caribbean home-cooked foods, visit Mo’s Restaurant. To enjoy a scrumptious French cuisine, the best restaurants include Café Sole and Le Bistro/ Croissants de France. To taste the fusion cuisines, you can try Nine One Five, Point5 Lounge and Camille’s which are excellent in their expertise. Mathieson’s 4th of July and Blue Heaven serve unforgettably finger licking good American cuisines while for a great seafood meal, turning to Conch town Café is the best idea. Check out this website for more details about traveling to beautiful places.

Tourist Attractions:

Tourists flock toward this spectacular Key West Florida Island every year to check out the splendor they so often see in pictures. Mallory Square is the hub of energies and oddities, the centre of hustle bustle and a grand place to witness a superb sunset. You can take your kids to watch a dog walking tightrope or a man swallowing fire. Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens are built to preserve the memorable artifacts and the art of Mario Sanchez and a junk sculptor known as Stanely Papio. The Studios of Key West are also worth visiting to explore the incredible works of artists. Tourists also visit the morbid Key West Cemetery, a great place for the ones who sport a brave heart! This is a dark but alluring Gothic town which is an eternal home to many old families of Key West. The San Carlos institute was established in 1871, which is a fantastic exhibition of Spanish architecture. Get to see and marvel the beautiful Italian marble, the sparkling Cuban tiles, the magnificent Cuban statues etc. Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden is a lush oasis amid palms, exotic birds, and orchids, a memorable natural place for excursions. For more details, visit this website: