Jaipur – The Awe-Inspiring Sightseeing Paradise City


The city with many destinations and home to some of the most majestic palaces in India and an epitome of historic and modern architectural brilliance, this city stands proud living up to all its credentials. Jaipur is an easy choice for a holiday destination and it shows in the number of travelers and tourists seen all year round in this city.

A beautiful city with an ideal balance of rich historic sites and modern-day infrastructure is what defines the city of Jaipur. Capital of the largest state in India, this place is one of the most visited places by tourists and travelers. Though a proper city, this place still gives out the vibe of a small homely town which could also be a result of the hospitable and warm nature of the people living there. If you are interested in learning more about traveling, then visit this website https://www.alltheragefaces.com/ for more information.

Jaipur is a city that has a whole different world of its own to present to its visitors. With so much to see and so much to do in so little time of their visit and also letting the beauty sink in and the overwhelmingness die down, this place always keeps everyone on the edge of their seat during the whole experience. Not only are the palaces, monuments and various sites but the majestic hotels in Jaipur are definitely something to spark up a conversation. These extravagant hotels rank among the best not only in India but over the world, which guarantees to make you experience what 5 star treatment actually means. You could tour the city on a bus, taxi (cab) or an auto rickshaw. A whole day tour on a bus will cost you as much as an autorickshaw would but its better advisable to hire a air-conditioned taxi for your tour. The heat during summer is unbearably scorching and although you travel in an auto the warm humid air blowing in your face will be a big buzz kill to your touring experience.

Also make sure that you remember to check the days and timings of the opening and closing of the temples and palaces. You will surely be bummed up if some of the places you were looking forward to visit on your trip turns out to be closed on the particular day. In the midst of checking off and circling the next location of your visit, do not forget to make a trip down to old Jaipur. Located a little further away from the main city area lies the area Jaipur road with its entrance and exit marked by two huge gates. As you enter this part you get to experience the still prevalent “Pink City”. These area as to abide by the law still paint all the houses, buildings and shops in light pink colour. 

Jaipur has a fully functional train station and an airport which provides services of both domestic and international airlines like Air Arabia, Air Asia, Air India, Air Costa, Etihad Airways, GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airways, Spicejet, Oman Air. Jaipur is an utter delight for a vacation. Whether you decide to splurge and pamper yourself in the ultimate 5 star experience or simply stay in a mid-range accommodation does not matter. What matters is the time you have there learning and experiencing the culture and tradition of Rajasthan and visiting all the beautiful places Jaipur has to offer. If you are looking for someone guidance about adventures traveling, then click here https://www.alltheragefaces.com/family-trip-to-the-usa-4-major-tips-for-travelers/ for helpful information.