Learning More About the Google Barge

Google Barge

One of the great mysteries in the world of technology these days is developing around the enigmatic structure known as the Google barge. Supposedly dreamed up by Google X, a high-tech think-tank facility, the barge has spawned endless rumors as to its ultimate purpose, and Google has remained enigmatically mum about it. Even the US Coast Guard has only disclosed that it is working with the company on securing the necessary permissions and permits to allow the barge to remain in its present berth in San Francisco. You can get more information about Google Barges can be found at https://www.hosting22.com/


Though it appears that there are other barges under construction in other locations, notably in the harbor at Portland, Maine, the barge receiving most of the speculation and inquiries is docked east of San Francisco at a pier on Treasure Island. Less than a mile square, Treasure Island was dredged from the bottom of San Francisco Bay to become a platform for the Golden Gate International Exhibition. Taken over by the Navy during World War II, it is now in the process of redevelopment for high-end residences and businesses.


Secrecy has shrouded the barge’s purpose and construction since its inception. Nobody without authorization is allowed on the barge or in the hangar where the sections of the barge were built. If you manage to get permission to enter, you must give up your smartphone, camera phone, camera, and any other audio/visual devices. Anyone working on the project in any capacity is compelled to sign a non-disclosure agreement to not discuss anything they have seen. The owners of the business next to the Google hanger also signed non-disclosure agreements. Ubiquitous guards ensure that employees do not talk to anyone and that no visitors or onlookers step out of bounds.


The structure of the barge is composed of four stories of shipping containers in a rectangular shape. The containers were brought to the construction hanger, taken apart, modified, and put back together like a stack of blocks. Some had their sides missing or windows cut into them. The entire structure is designed to be able to be taken apart, transported in sections, and reassembled in another location. Scaffolding and antennas sprout from the top and sides of the white rectangle, and a lot of high-tech equipment and lighting are installed within. Visit https://commentsdb.com/ if you’re interested in learning more about Google Barge Building.


Speculation is rife about the ultimate purpose of the barge. Google has kept the whole operation under wraps and refuses to disclose any information. One theory is that the barge will be used as a data center: the containers would house servers, and ocean water could be used to cool the equipment. Another theory based on eyewitness reports from those who have been inside the structure was announced by a San Francisco CBS news affiliate. These reports claim that the barge will be composed of three floors of glittering luxury retail showrooms for some of the company’s latest gadgets such as Google Glass and an invitation-only top-floor party deck with bars, lanais, and other high-end comforts.

Whatever Google’s ultimate intentions are regarding its enigmatic barge, the heavy secrecy surrounding the project seems to be a devastatingly effective publicity ploy. By swearing everyone connected with the barge to secrecy and refusing to say a word about why it has been built, Google has managed to focus the eyes and ears of the media world on its mysterious and fascinating rectangular construction docked at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. Check out the website http://hotklix.com/ for additional information about Google Construction Speculation.