Sony Targets India for Archiving and Sharing Weddings with AccuCORE


The number of DVDs sold has been decreasing over the previous few years. The shift to digital video formats, which not only allow for cheaper purchases but also allow for recordings, is the root cause of the industry’s downward trend. Customers record videos with digital camcorders, pocket cameras, and cellphones in order to publish and share their creations online. On the other hand, Sony has come out with a new DVD aimed specifically at people who are getting married. Even with the success that users have had with the AccuCORE technology, it is anticipated that the new target marketing will improve sales. To get more information about AccuCORE Technology check out this website:

Sony’s DVD Wedding Pack

The standard DVD-R format is something that a lot of people utilize, but the new wedding pack DVD is different. The newly released DVD is equipped with AccuCORE technology, which offers the guarantee of preserving wedding memories for many years to come. In the past, DVDs lacked the sheen necessary to capture the footage in its original, high-quality form. It has been demonstrated that the quality of earlier DVDs degrades and sometimes even creates faults throughout the duplicate process, making them unsuitable for preservation and sharing purposes.

The new AccuCORE technology has answered these issues and promises to keep your memories safe and shareable.  The beneficial attributes of AccuCORE are:

  • Wide Compatibility: The dye used for Sony DVDs allow consistent signal intensity regardless of which DVD player is used for playback or recording speed of DVD recorders.
  • Fast Addressing:  The dye also allows for fast data reading at various speeds.
  • Stable Writing: The new technology has created a flatter disc surface that allows for vibration-proof recording.
  • Archival Reliability: Unlike other DVDs, Sony’s new DVDs are made from highly reliable materials that will withstand long-term archiving with no image distortion.
  • Temperature Adaptability: DVD performance has always been affected by temperature. The new dye in Sony’s Wedding Pack DVDs allows optimal playback in hot and cold conditions. 

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  • Targeting India

Sony India just recently released a brand new DVD box that they are calling the Wedding box. This box was created with weddings in mind specifically. The DVDs, which are outfitted with AccuCORE technology, offer a level of quality and dependability that makes them well-suited for the purpose of sharing wedding footage. Those who have recently become engaged are probably going to have an interest in the brand-new box that came out the month before. Because AccuCORE enables excellent duplication, it is not only simpler to make copies of these DVDs to give to friends and family, but it is also more reliable to do so. 

Targeted marketing is an efficient method for increasing sales, particularly in light of the fact that many people who use computers buy fewer DVDs. Targeted marketing strategies have been adopted by many businesses in recent years in an effort to increase revenue and revitalize technology. There is a sizable market for the production of wedding videos as well as the duplication of DVDs in India. The AccuCORE technology developed by Sony will provide a dependable choice for customers in that market. 

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